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I am Amy. I moved to the Eastern Shore in early 2016 when I married the love of my life, Brady. My husband is prior active military (Navy) and is now a Federal LEO in Baltimore. Together we have went through an 11-month deployment, purchased + renovated our first home, bought our first new cars, went through multiple jobs on the hunt for a career + added a sweet girl to our family with our fur babies Reaper + Zeke. 

Photography is a passion that I have chased since 2011 when my parents gifted me my first DSLR camera. I have since spent most of my time learning + improving my experiences for my clients. I take pride in being able to make my clients feel the most comfortable + confident with my techniques for posing and lighting

an eastern shore wedding + portrait photographer

I'm Amy

That means I don’t just take photos - I anticipate them. I respond to the mood, work quickly, adjust as needed, and always know the right spot to catch the best moments.

What happens when you take someone that is a photography obsessed? The kind of photo session that is calculated so you can be at ease and trust that your images are going to be beautiful. Yep, even if your little one decides to go rogue stick-and-rock hunting mid-session. When I married my husband, I gained 4 handsome nephews and 1 breathtakingly beautiful niece. I have ample experience chasing down a toddler with a bucket on their head to catch the perfect photo. I revel in the ebbs and flows of family time and know how to earn a kid’s trust to capture beautiful moments that can be cherished forever.

I am so happy & blessed to finally do what I love for a living. I am so excited to get to know you and capture memories that will last a lifetime

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There’s nothing more wonderful than warm walks with my husband and my girl on a summer evening. We’ve live within walking distance of a local fishing pier and it is the most relaxing to enjoy a glass of wine and watch our girl play in the sand by the bay.

Walks + Bike Rides by the Bay

One of our favorite things to do with friends is have drinks and dinner on the back porch. We’ve spent countless hours talking, laughing, and even shedding a few heartfelt tears on this porch.

dinner on our
back porch

I love to travel. I’ve been all over the US and beyond taking photos, but it never gets old. I love seeing new places that are nothing like home and new places that remind me of home. 

exploring the

Every morning my sweet husband makes the coffee and brings me a cup. Theres something so calm and peaceful about enjoying a hot cup of coffee in the morning on our porch.

Enjoying a cup
of black coffee

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